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Home Page - St. Louis County Parcel Tax Lookup

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National Night Out. Parking Enforcement. Level 3 Sex Offenders. Current and Future Projects. Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Discharge Permit. Louis County. This spot was re-surveyed in and again in , county records show. Louis County Public Works Department, said on the way into the woods.

The marker was obvious, firmly planted in the ground between two rocks. Not far from the monument there was a bent, wind-mangled dead tree with about 10 feet of trunk still standing straight.

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About six feet up was a small metal sign left by the crew, a so-called bearing tree or reference marker telling anyone who came here later that the nearby monument was exactly Another marker was found on a dead tree lying on the ground. The crew used their measuring tape and notes from bygone surveyors to find even older bearing trees that had died or burned. The red pine had perished sometime over the past years, but just enough stump was standing to reveal history.

It was exactly the distance from the corner point that the crew said it would be. Except instead of gold, land surveyors find historic references left by crews 50, , even years ago. It makes the job interesting. There are monuments like this across much of the U. They are the foundation of the system that divides the nation into grids of quarter sections, half sections, sections, townships and counties. State laws clearly demand that those original markers are the official corners of that grid and shall be the measure used to establish legal property lines. But over the past years, property has been divided, bought and sold over and over again.

At this particular marker — in unnamed Township 56, Range 17 North — the section corner as drawn on U. Geological Survey quadrangle maps turned out to be a whopping feet off from the original corner the crew found. And the corner as noted on county property tax record maps was feet away from the legal corner point. Property owners in this area — in this case Potlatch Land Co. Louis County — have been using the wrong lines for years, maybe decades, to delineate their land. While Anderson nailed new bearing signs up for future surveyors to find the spot, Otto took precise GPS measurements at the monument and recorded them.

Eventually, all of the original corners in the county will be updated and marked online. So far, about 8, of the 25, corner points have been officially certified and mapped.

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Louis County bolstered its survey staff in to get more corners certified sooner. The county also contracts with private, licensed surveyors to find more monument locations, especially during the peak scouting periods — in spring after snow melts but before leaves sprout, and in fall after leaves fall but before snow comes.

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If licensed, private surveyors document monuments when working for their clients, those also can be added to the officially certified list. The effort to re-establish the original, legal lines will help property owners — as sellers or buyers or even for property tax purposes — know the official, accurate corners of their property. Stewart urges anyone buying or especially building on land to first hire a private surveyor to certify the legal lines.