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The presentation by Mr. John and Miss Elizabeth was excellent and very appropriate for 5 year olds. The safety house was an excellent addition to the trip and my kids learned so much!! Thanks for doing this for the kids of Pasco County, Tina St. Pierre Kindergarten teacher Longleaf Elementary. I am the assistant director and I had seen this presentation two times at various meetings.

This time it was totally different in that I sat with youth while they saw the inmate interviews and the pictures of the facility and the pictures of the check- in process.

Enter your ZIP code to find pickup services and drop-off locations in your area

This was extremely valuable for the youth. The youth were exceptional listeners and asked good questions which is because of the great information they received from these two officers. Seeing this with a room full of adults does not at all do justice to their presentation. Seeing it with a room full of at-risk youth was very powerful. Thank you, Sheriff Nocco for your support of this experience. My hope is that this will be viewed by many youthful audiences to raise their thinking and awareness of choices. The officers were knowledgeable, kind and respectful.

Eileen L. On October , I made contact with the sheriffs office reference a legitimate concern about a resident in Holiday, who was making what appeared to be narcotic transactions out in the open. Naturally there was excessive vehicle and foot traffic to his home and often times, vehicles would travel at a high rate of speed on the very street our children play and ride their bikes on. I would like to thank Sherriff Nocco and the men and women involved on this case for their hard work, dedication and for protecting those of us who felt victimized.

Keep up the great work, God Bless, be safe and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you very much for helping my daughter, my grandson and I when my van broke down in front of the Medical Center of Trinity on Saturday April 6th. My daughter told me that you looked familiar to her and that your shirt had your name on it, so she Googled your image and verified that it was indeed you.

Pasco County Adds 25 New Sites for Recycling Paper Products

Thanks to you and the other officer that helped us, I was able to get my vehicle home safely and after a simple repair, we are back on the road! Sincerely, Laura J. He was great and the truth is I feel much better now that I know we have eyes on the ground. On behalf of our family, we appreciate the job you do. Respectfully, Linda Ammons. I would like to thank corporal p. My concerns for public safety were addressed.

Since his presence and proactive approach here, the problems have ceased. Thank You Joanne. I am a manager at one of the shops at Wiregrass Mall. I have worked in several malls both in Florida and Texas and have to say that we have the best security team. God bless and I pray for your safety every day! Melody Simons. Two deputies showed up in minutes- checked it out, found no- one, but reassured me to call anytime.

It was comforting to know they took my call seriously and were very professional. I am sorry, I did not get either of the deputies names, but, please pass on my thanks! Tamyra Tuttle.

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  4. He plucked a very cold, tired, frightened young man, Joseph Merten, from the water and discovered that he had left a disabled vessel in the mangroves approximately 2 miles north of us. He informed us that he had left his elderly friend, Rick Smith, on the boat as he went for help. Upon discovering that Mr. Smith had been out there for nearly 20 hours with no food or water, events went into high gear.

    Dumped junk becoming a major problem in Pasco

    Your deputies and marine unit are to be commended for the timely manner in which they performed their duties. They are all a true credit to your agency. Unfortunately I was unable to remember names as it was quite chaotic at the time.

    Port Richey/Pasco County - The Salvation Army | Florida Division

    My main concern was getting Joseph into a hot shower and into some warm, dry clothes. He arrived dehydrated and hungry, but left fat and happy!! Again, thank you for providing this county with such compassionate and skilled people. They are true heroes. Sincerely, Julie Buck.

    Enter your ZIP code to find pickup services and drop-off locations in your area

    We were recent victims of a home burglary. Deputy D. Pugh and Deputy Joshua Yungaitis arrived and began the investigation. They were both extremely professional, thorough, and sympathetic during the investigation. They were later joined by a lady from forensics that I failed to get a card from that was equally professional.

    I received a call during the investigation from Detective J. Berberich explaining that it appeared the items taken had been recovered and asking me to come to the Trinity station to ID the items. McClure, I was treated with dignity and respect as they informed me of the situation and had me ID the items stolen. Their professionalism, thoroughness, courteousness, and excitement to recover some of the items made a very difficult situation much easier to deal with.

    Deputy Joshua Yungaitis, Deputy D. Pugh, Detective D. McClure, Detective J. With sincere gratitude and appreciation, I would like to recognize a member of your staff, Corporal David Rodriguez. This class was well received. I am sure you are proud to have such a quality employee on your staff. Please convey our appreciation for a job well done to Corporal Rodriguez. You are doing an amazing job!! I was recently posted in a bldg in Pasco off of Congress and EVERY one of your officers responded with the highest regard of respect and service oriented behavior.

    As a leader in healthcare administration, I commend you, your obvious attention to detail in training and your team. Bravo sir!! We would like to compliment one of your deputies that we dealt with this morning. We called about a stray dog following us around a. Our dog does not get along well with other dogs.

    He said there was not much he could do, but he did give the dog his leftovers! Thank you. Ashley Lakes Odessa Fl. This has been a ongoing problem and I am pleased that something is being done.