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  1. We're here to help you find people with the white pages directory!
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We're here to help you find people with the white pages directory!

Here at shortcodes. That being said, we wanted to take the time to look into some of the other reverse lookup services available out there and give you our review of them individually.

White Pages Reverse Lookup

Right from the start, Whitepages seems to offer four separate services to their users. They have reverse lookups for people by searching a name , phone numbers, addresses, and businesses. You can navigate to any of the different searches by clicking above the search bar. Whitepages touts that they are trusted by over 30 million people every month. That is quite a large amount of traffic to be hitting the site each month.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Their homepage also states that they have over million phone numbers, including mobile phones. As you can see, they seem to have quite an extensive aggregate of information available on their site. I started my search by typing a phone number into the search box on the home page.

After hitting enter, I was taken to the listing page for the number. It shows that the type of the number is mobile and also shows the carrier information for the phone number as well. Directly under the top section is an advertisement for Whitepages.

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Under that section is another which shows statistics for the phone number as well locations for the area code of the number. That small amount of information on the number is the only amount that currently appears to be free without a paid subscription plan. As an alternative to sending the call to voicemail, there are online toll-free directories that allow you to do a reverse search on the number and get information about whoever is calling you.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Many of these sites can even trace answering services. If you want access to more advanced search results, you will have to pay a price. Luckily, you can conduct a simple search on most of these sites without having to pay unless you want the more detailed information or even signing up for an account.

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Reverse Phone Number Lookup Canada

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We guarantee that Ninja Number will help grow your business. May 17, Some examples of reverse lookup directories include: AnyWho : Includes a people finder, yellow pages and reverse lookup.

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Inter : Very simple site. Allows you to enter either a company name or toll-free number in their search engine. Custom Toll Free : Allows you to enter a toll-free number so it can be reversed and the information is then displayed. White Pages : Very simple, direct site that requires you to type the phone number in so it can search for any information about the carrier.

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